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Psycho-rehabilitation retreat

Psycho-rehabilitation retreat is intended not only for children and young adults with any type of disability but also for the parents who care for them. The aim of the retreat is to strengthen social bonds among families, support communication, and develop cooperation skills. This goal is realized through joint activities. For parents, expert lectures in social, medical, and educational fields are provided. The program for parents also focuses on mental hygiene and relaxation. The program for children is conducted through camp games.

Rehabilitation retreat

The rehabilitation retreat is intended for children, young adults with disabilities, and their caregiving parents. The program of the retreat focuses on comprehensive rehabilitation – both therapeutic and social.

The goal of therapeutic rehabilitation is to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and improve overall physical fitness. Therapeutic rehabilitation consists of magnetotherapy, ergotherapy, swimming pool exercises, massages, individual or group exercises, and yoga exercises. Social rehabilitation aims to strengthen social bonds among children, independence, and the reinforcement of practical skills essential for daily life. Another goal of social rehabilitation is the development of communication skills through cooperation with others. The program also focuses on strengthening the bonds between parents and children through joint activities. All activities are carried out with the help of assistants who ensure a fulfilling experience for everyone throughout the retreat.

Camp retreat

The camp stay is intended for children with various types of disabilities. The camp program focuses on games, competitions, and excursions in the surrounding area. The goal of the stay is to fill the children's free time in the company of peers, thereby contributing to the improvement of their mental well-being.